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Using Your Customers as Marketing Tools

Did you know that reviews influence about $400 billion of the total e-commerce sales value? These 5-10 percent of the population engaged in creating them are the people that drive the engine of online sales. They create stories and conversations around products on social media and they tell their friends about the products they love face to face. So how can you get your customers to spread the word about your company and ultimately use them as your marketing tools? We’ll explain below.

Ways to use your loyal customers:

Reviews/Affiliate Review sites

Did you know that 70% of people rely on customer reviews before making a purchase? Customers have more choice and information than they’ve ever had before. How they research and engage with brands has changed. Online reviews are a trusted source and lead consumers to buying brands. In fact, 88% of consumers put their trust in online reviews. They are as valuable as personal recommendations.

Make sure to include a review or comment in your customer’s words when you market your brand on different channels online. When you share the real experiences of your buyers, this shows their satisfaction. Potential customers are going to feel much more comfortable buying from you. You can use customer reviews in your marketing emails and on affiliate review sites as well. This is going to create interest and trust in your brand.

Social Media Posts, Stories and Recommendations

There are unlimited options to share customer reviews on social media. Some of the most popular platforms where customers talk about their experiences and submit reviews for products/ services include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can assemble reviews on the other platforms and your website to maximize your marketing strategy.

User Generated Content


UGC is content that is created by your customers about your business. This can include their posts, images, and videos. This will add credibility to your business when someone else is expressing why they love you. You can allow visitors who have tried your products/services to post their experience through a review, a video or what we truly love and believe to be the future; through stories.

With the massive growth in popularity of social channels such as Instagram, posting stories has become a regular for avid, dedicated users of the platform. Why not take this UGC stories opportunity and use it for your business’ advantage? At radd. we are pros in helping convert your loyal customers into brand ambassadors, all thanks to our powerful stories.

UGC stories are going to add credibility to your site. They will not only encourage customers to look more thoroughly at your brand but they will build the foundational pillar between you and your customers: trust.

Customer Pool of Influence


People trust what others are saying about a business. Two-thirds of consumers say UGC creates a more “authentic” buying experience. Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to believe in user generated content compared to content brands create. On Instagram, Burt’s Bees shares their customers testimonials along with UGC. This boosts the trust of followers in their products. A study by TurnTo Networks found that 90% of consumers say UGC holds more influence over what they buy than promotional emails or search engine results. Another study by Dune London found that sales where shoppers interacted with UGC increased by 82%.

Mouth to Mouth aka Personal Recommendations

Repeat customers are loyal and more likely to recommend your products. Selling to your repeat customers is easier than selling to new customers. If a customer continues to purchase from you, they are likely singing your praises to their friends. People are far more likely to trust brand recommendations from their friends. In fact, research by Nielsen found that 92% of people trust friend recommendations.

Key Take-Aways

There are so many advantages to using customer reviews in your marketing strategy. It actually lowers your customer acquisition costs. You are building trust for your brand that comes straight from satisfied customers, which is a powerful tool. The fact that 80% of consumers said UGC drives their decisions on what they’ll purchase says a lot. You can create brand desire through customer videos, reviews, testimonials, and images.

Create long-term relationships with your valued customers that take the time to post positive content about your product or service. They are your biggest fans and have likely made multiple purchases. Be sure to ask for permission and credit the person who created the original content. Remember that UGC creators want you to share their content. So tell them what kind of content you’re most likely to share. Offer clear guidelines based on what you want your consumers to know. Be specific and make it easy for people to share the kind of content that fits your needs. Think about how you can use valuable reviews and content to support your marketing goals.


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